Marriage Ceremony – Marriage Commissioner Service

“Everyone deserves love and marriage. We welcome and celebrate every culture, orientation and denomination!”

About Me:

Varinder Dhanju, is a Marriage officiant located in Saskatoon and serving couples throughout the Province of Saskatchewan. I will perform and host your wedding ceremony with the utmost care and respect that every couple in love deserves. I am recognized as one of the top officiants in Saskatoon and sincere appreciation of weddings.

Services Offered

We can officiate the marriage at your preferred location or it can be accommodated at our location. We guide step by step to all our clients and provide excellent customer service. If you are new to the process or have any query please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime or text us. A simple legality ceremony without vows or rings is also available, as well as destination ceremonies, where you can legally marry in Saskatchewan before setting off to your beautiful destination wedding.

    • Custom ceremony and commission of marriage.

    • Commitment ceremony and vow renewal.

    • Ceremony Rehearsal.

    • Marriage Ceremonies some famous spots in Saskatoon. such as
        • Vimy Memorial Bandstand.

        • Cranberry Flats Conservation Area.

        • Boffins Public Gardens.

    • We proudly serve Same-sex /LGBTTQ* wedding.

3 wedding packages which include the following services:

The Simple Package: Includes meeting the couple, reviewing the marriage license, asking the required legal questions, signing and witnessing and taking papers to Vital Statistics to complete the marriage registration.

Custom Ceremony Package: Includes an initial meeting, composing a custom text for the ceremony (includes rewrites), coming to the designated location to perform the service, taking papers to Vital Statistics to complete the marriage registration and the possibility of a wedding rehearsal for an extra fee.

Last Minute Package: This is great if your officiant has cancelled on you and includes everything in the Custom Ceremony Package plus the possibility of a wedding rehearsal for an additional fee.

Once the Marriage ceremony is performed , the official Marriage Certificate can be obtained from ehealth Saskatchewan Site. here is the link


    • The marriage license must be issued within 90 days from a Marriage License Issuer in Saskatchewan.

    • Two Witnesses are required.

    • Both the applicant and co applicant, including witnesses should have one piece of Government issued Photo ID.

    • If you do not have witnesses we can provide them for $50 each.


What is Prenuptial / Marriage Contract

If you need to sign a prenuptial or Marriage agreement prior to your wedding ceremony , lets us know , we are also specialized in preparing these agreements at additional cost.

A Prenuptial Agreement in Canada is a legally binding contract entered before marriage. In some provinces and territories, the term Prenuptial Agreement is commonly referred to as a domestic Contract or a Marriage Contract. A Prenuptial Agreement in Canada is also referred to as an antenuptial agreement or premarital agreement and is abbreviated as “prenup.”

If Couples sign a written contract before they get married, then it is a prenuptial agreement, and if they sign the written contract after they are married, then it is a marriage contract. Whereas, if a common-law couple enters into an agreement of similar nature, it is referred to as a Cohabitation Agreement in Canada.

Therefore, the difference between a Prenuptial Agreement and a Marriage Contract is the date when the agreement is being executed between spouses, whereas the type of relationship differentiates a Prenuptial Agreement and a Cohabitation Agreement in Canada.

In Canada, we do not have federal legislation dealing with marriage agreements or domestic contracts. Provinces and territories have enacted provincial laws to deal with the issue of marriage agreements and domestic contracts.

In this article, we will specifically refer to a Prenuptial Agreement, but the legal nature and effects of all domestic agreements and marriage contracts are similar, such as they seek to protect parties’ assets, debts overflow, support, and children.